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Speed Limits Higher on Some Highways in Oregon as of March 1

Below is a great article by the Oregonian regarding the increased speed limits on some highways in Oregon as of March 1, 2016. Drive safe out there!

Happy National Strawberry Day!

As many are aware, Lebanon is well-known for its annual Strawberry Festival. February 27th is National Strawberry Day so there were strawberry treats available at the office on the Friday before.

RKI Insurance Strawberry Treats

Introduction Video for Zachary R. Webb Insurance, located in Lebanon, Oregon. Zachary R. Webb Insurance works with Roland King Insurance (RKI) which has operated in Lebanon, Oregon since 1926.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Take time this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to reflect on the impact you can make on others. The quote below has always resonated well with me. Go out and do something positive for your fellow man.

“True Compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar. It comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

New Insurance & Financial Consumer Protection Laws in 2016

Great article by Oregon Insurance Division regarding new financial and insurance consumer protection laws that took effect on January 1st, 2016

Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

Below are some helpful tips to enjoy the holiday festivities while limiting risks.

• Always lock your doors and windows, even if you plan to be out for a short while.
• Leave lights turned on both inside and outside your residence after dark. Criminals don’t like bright places.
• If you will be away from home for several days, make arrangements for someone to pick up your mail and newspapers. An overstuffed mailbox is a sure sign that no one is home, and burglars are tempted to check those envelopes for holiday gifts.
• When returning home after a shopping trip, be sure to have the house keys in your hand, ready to use when you reach the door.

Important Financial & Insurance Advice for Those in Their 30’s

Mark Avallone of Forbes offers some great insight on financial and insurance considerations that those in their 30s should be aware of

Inter-Office Rivalry

In preparation of this Saturday’s football game between the University of Southern California Trojans (22) and University of Oregon Ducks (23), agent Wyatt King & I decided to dress up today to represent our school pride.

Disclaimer: For those about to call me a traitor, I’m still a proud Duck but gave Wyatt preference since he’s a 3rd generation Duck.

Fight On & Go Ducks

Oregon USC Rivalry Photo RKI

A Little Humor About an Important Topic (Premium Increases & Changes in Coverage)

Looking at the picture below is sure to cause some laughs.


The stark reality though is that people often question why changes occur to their insurance policy’s premium. While the photo above puts a humorous spin on this topic, it is important to periodically review your coverage and speak to your agent when you are faced with uncertainty about changes to your policy’s coverage or cost. There are many factors that could impact rates and types of coverage offered, which include: losses from natural disasters, loss claims from other areas, and changes in the law. Making sure that you’re properly protected at a reasonable price is important.

-Zach Webb

2016 Health Insurance Information


As You may be aware, the Enrollment Period for medical insurance for 2016 is from November 1, 2015 through January 31, 2016.

In some cases, individuals have seen where their existing medical insurance’s renewal rates are 30%-50% higher than 2015. It is important now more than ever to make sure that you are aware of all your options.

You can view the plan options in your area and their rates (Including what tax credits you may qualify for) as well as enroll in coverage quickly and efficiently through the link below:

You can also schedule a time to meet at the Agency to discuss policy plans and options. We also can help with group medical coverages. Call (541) 451-1313 or (541) 409-0192 to schedule an appointment.

Best Regards,

Zach Webb

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